"Please moderate"

By Freeaqingme on vrijdag 31 december 2010 00:50 - Comments (6)
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Gotten tired of a dozen emails I received on a daily basis with a request to moderate some comment on my (wordpress) blog, while I haven't blogged anything for over a year, I decided to start anew here. Hoping that the amount of interesting (but all linking to viagra sellers) comments is less bad than on my (probably way outdated) WordPress blog. The coming few days I may transfer some posts from my old blog to my new one, so nothing of value gets lost.

Having said that, I'm a PHP developer, who primarily uses the Zend Framework as a basis. As part of that I am a contributor and member of its Community Review team. Besides developing Web Applications I also do some shared webhosting with my company, so most blogposts will be about either PHP, ZF or hosting related stuff.

If there's anything you want me to blog about, just let me know. I'm always open for ideas and inspiration :D

EDIT: Of course, in the mean time I did do some microblogging on my Twitter