MariaDB: Replaces Mysql, gives you more (without effort!)

By Freeaqingme on zaterdag 1 januari 2011 20:59 - Comments (21)
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Mysql. It seems these days everybody doing something in the IT branch has used it, or still does. However, there are some problems: you only get the fun stuff (like clustering etc) if you pay big time, its development is stalling (more and more core developers are leaving), a seemingly evil company is running it, and last but not least, the community is being excluded.

There is a solution though. It's called MariaDB. MariaDB is a fork of Mysql, and was started by Michael Widenius (aka Monty), the original author of Mysql. MariaDB is a project that actually is as open to the community as can be, releases all its code under a truly open license like the BSD/MIT license whenever possible and is able to add new functionality at a much faster pace than Oracle does. Last but not least, MariaDB is 100% backwards compatible with Mysql, and therefore can be used as a drop-in replacement.

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